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High quality results guaranteed

At Polished Dollys we pride ourselves on giving the best lash and brow treatments to our clients. We ensure a thorough consultation and patch test is undertaken before discussing in detail what type of lash and brow result the client would like- taking into consideration the clients' eye shape, face shape, hair colour, etc. Aftercare is super important and this will be discussed after the treatment to ensure our clients' lashes and brows last and will remain in a healthy condition.

Brow Lamination

BrowSculpt by HD Brows launches at Polished Dollys

This incredible brow treatment can give volume and also correct any gaps. Brow lamination have immediate results and lasts around 6-8 weeks. For more pics go to our Instagram page:

Split Tip Flat Lashes

Most popular lashes at Polished Dollys


These are a firm favourite of our clients as they give a fluffier finish while still looking full and beautiful. For more pics go to our Instagram page:

HD Brows

The revolutionary treatment launches at Polished Dollys


Polished Dollys now offers HD Brows- we create a look that is totally bespoke to each and every client. For more pics go to our Instagram page:

Nouveau Lashes
Nouveau Lashes
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